Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot (Second Offering)

Hot Sand

Hot Sand - Canet-en-Roussillon

My Wife and Son decided to take a walk out on the sand in the midday sun – I decided photographing them was the better part of valour 😉



  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Love the blown out effect…

  2. oooooo. . . this is VERY nice!

  3. why are there so many tire tracks in circles? where is this? great stark capture!

  4. Whew…how often do they have that desire? I wouldn’t last a minute out there.
    Great photo.

    • Thank You – Not too often I’m pleased to say 🙂 They were back inside 15 minutes complaining that their feet were burning!

  5. I like this photo, it just looks hot and, yeah, I would have done the same, taken the photo like you did. then I would have run after them. Ever see a 60+ year old man run? It’s interesting. I’m just a kid at heart… 🙂

    And I love B&W photo’s…

  6. awwww….now this is look REAL hot! Feels like as if am in a desert…ouch

  7. Nice Photo I Think i need a container of water to cross that desert 🙂

    • Thanks Jake – you and me both! But fortunately, the sea is just outside the crop at the top and I’m on the nice cool promenade 🙂

  8. Very impressive picture. Love their shadows that look like they are reluctantly following. Great B&W. This photo just truly works for HOT. They look hot. I can barely budge out of the A/C to water the plants. If I was about 40 years younger, can’t believe I can say that, but if I was 40 years younger I would run for that water and have the time of my life!

    • LoL – I wouldn’t run for the water… you’ll be expecting me to have a bath next 😉 I know what you mean – dive into the sea and get some relief from that sun! We don’t have too much of an issue with the heat. My Wife is African and I’m quite good at covering up with a broad brimmed hat and long sleeves. But – I know painful feet when I see them and you wouldn’t have got me out on that sand for any money 🙂

  9. Your wife’s body language says it all —
    Great capture of The Moment.

    • Well, she’s the one who chose to go there 😉 Thanks – we had a pleasant stroll along the promenade after, which was somewhat cooler!

  10. Fantastic! I like the shadows, the tire tracks. Great B&W. Looks searing out there!

  11. thirdhandart says:

    Wow! It’s a little uncomfortable to look at this photo for very long, as I can almost feel the heat of the bright sunlight. Great capture!

  12. That is one hot, long walk. Too hot, makes me thirsty! love the black and white effect. Thanks for the visit.

  13. I love that photo! – Ronnie

  14. wow…i like this entry the best for this theme..m surprised how i missed out on it..an outstanding click!!!!

  15. Good effort. Keep it up.

  16. It’s an amazing shot. ❤

  17. wow, that’s on a beach? it really looks like a desert landscape. such a great picture!

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