Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

620 Brownie E

Kodak Six-20 'Brownie' E

Kodak Box Camera from the late 1940’s with a photo of its original owner.



  1. that is pretty old-fashioned! nice bit of history.

  2. thirdhandart says:

    Very good old-fashioned photo! I like the composition. I love old cameras and old photos – yours are in very good condition.

    • Thanks – sadly the camera has lost its leather carrying handle and there’s no camera case.

      • thirdhandart says:

        We have an old Six-16 Brownie camera and the leather handle is split in half. It’s also missing its case and has a few rust spots. By the way, the photo albums and the photo of your Mom are beautiful!

      • Thanks – They have provided some interest and enjoyment for me over the years.

  3. Where do you get these? Do you collect old cameras and old photos?

    • They’re actually family items. The camera was my Mother’s and was used to take the photos dated 30th May 1950 – I believe she got it for her Birthday earlier the same month, possibly a gift from my Father (they were courting at the time). The foreground photo was taken on an earlier camera, almost certainly by my uncle, and shows my Mother when she was 17 on summer holiday at Shammer in Norfolk.

      This photo – Maid of the Loch, Loch Lomond, 1966 – was taken using the camera and shows the quality that it is capable of producing.

      • So photography is a family heritage for you! It is a charming reunion for owner and camera. And yes, the photo of Maid of the Loch is of extraordinary quality. The Brownie box was quite a camera —

      • Yes – a bit of family heritage though I’ve probably been the most active photographer. Now passing the basics onto my son who I hope will continue the tradition 🙂

  4. That is one cool, vintage looking camera. And those pictures, jus a rich symbol of the past. great picture.

  5. I think the past hold the key of what we are today. those old pictures tells a story of people who lived wonderful lives, livs that we can all learn upon. thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely. It is a great idea putting the owner and the camera together again

  7. Mira Faraday says:

    Wow! what an awesome photo composition. I really enjoyed seeing this post. Many smiles your way and I shall look forward to seeing more of your ideas.
    Mira Faraday

  8. Your Kodak Box Camera makes me feel soo young 🙂

  9. These albums are so nice…
    Some of my grandparents have been engraved in similar black paper..

    • They are very much a thing of the past – I don’t think you can get anything like them any more. Even wedding photographers supply photos on disc’s these days – though I assume they also provide an album. The paper in these was a sort of greyish-brown. I bet those Grandparent photo’s have lots of family history 🙂

  10. greetings by
    the AGFA face

  11. Put together rather nicely. I like the link to the past with the photograph of the owner

  12. Great photo. I haven’t seen a box brownie fr so many years. I had one when I was a kid & I loved taking photos with it.

  13. WOW ! Awesome !

  14. That is a very cool camera and the old photo album brings back memories of my Grandma. Guess that is what pictures are all about! 🙂

  15. This made me sit up. The lovely old Brownie that just went on working – I had one with me in the merchant navy in the 50’s – it just kept going all through the tropics. Many of the pictures have not survived – I used to develop them in my cabin using beer glasses and often forgot to wash off the fixer.
    Thanks for commenting on the enamel ‘Burning Bright’.

    • Thanks for the comment Harry. It says something for the antidote properties of beer that you didn’t poison yourself! It’s a shame that most of the photos didn’t survive. That enamelling looks like a cool hobby 🙂

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