They say “everything happens for a reason” – do you think this is true?

I did wonder if how you read this question affects the answer – does it mean that the outcome was the reason or that the cause was the reason? But having given some thought I believe that they are both the same, seen from different angles.

When I first read this topic idea I thought ‘No – some things are just chance’. But I suspect that this is not true. I guess it depends on whether you view the question purely on a Human level or whether you take a wider view of the world. I think that in our world of human interaction all things are a result of decisions that we make – these influence our lives by, for example causing us to meet the person we will choose to spend our lives with. It can be argued that we would not have met that person had we not made certain choices and the same is true for that person also. In reality, this is not random chance (though our choices may not have been entirely of our own making – we’ve all been on one of those nights out!) but the result of a set of decisions taken by two people. Therefore – it did happen for a reason.

Almost everything that happens in our Human world has a reason and the insurance companies have made a living out of aportioning blame (i.e. cause) to every occurrance, except for ‘Acts of God’. These are unpredictable natural things like Lightning Strikes (otherwise known as the getout clause). So are these the things that happen without a reason? Well, not really. You see the mechanics behind a thunderstorm and the build-up of electricity within the cloud are well understood – even if the Met Office seem to be unable to predict them! – so we know why lightning happens and therefore it happens for a reason. The only real question is the ‘Why did it strike me?’ one and scientists can certainly give a good explanation regarding how lightning chooses its spot.

Looking at the world around us it seems to me that just about everything has a root cause for happening but the reality of this is masked by the complexities of our human lives, so when things don’t quite turn out the way we wanted them to we put it down to bad luck…assigning a reason!… Or calling it fate… Oops – that’s another reason! We even sometimes have the temerity to blame God! – not sure who agnostics and atheists blame in that instance. I guess I’m saying that in the human world the reason why something happens is often hidden in a maze of past decisions and may appear to be just a chance occurrance as a result.

In the natural world happening for a reason is also the norm. At the top level, the reason we have so many different species of plants and animals is (Take your personal choice section) : –

Either – Evolution happens because improvements to the design of an individual member of a species provides an advantage over other members of the same species and that member is better able to pass on its genes to subsequent generations. Sometimes the changes are sufficient over time to cause new species to occur.

Or – God created all the species and placed them on the Earth.

Which you personally believe is entirely your choice, Both are ‘reasons’ for why we have a diverse abundance of flora and fauna – personally I like the idea that God creates through the mechanism of Evolution.

Everything happens for a reason – sure it does! – Including dropped catches, mis-hit strikes on goal and Brits not being able to win Wimbledon 😦



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    Stay excellent!

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