Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn


Cobbles - South Hampstead


From years of horses hooves,

and pedestrians crossing too.

Now buses wait for their time to go,

on the 24 to Pimlico.

24 to Pimlico

24 to Pimlico - Passports Required 😉



  1. Ah.. Nice point of view! And it’s very smart of you to put that double decker 🙂

  2. Especially like those buses at Pimlico (passports required!) —
    Verse made me smile —

  3. nice picture with a nice poem too!

  4. Love that texture… a wonderful shot, sir!

  5. Lovely cobblestones. I liked your Pimlico poem too. I haven’t done a Weekly Photo Challenge for a while, I’ve been too caught up in drawing all the cartoons for my space adventure.

    • Thanks Tony – I’m enjoying your cartoons with the references to various sci-fi programs and films. I’m surprised the Ratbags haven’t popped in to see the ladies at Moonbase Alpha yet 😉

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