Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning (couldn’t resist a third go!)

The Gates Of The Morning

Jogger In Victoria Park

Jogger In Victoria Park



  1. Was it a cold morning. I looks like it was with the fog in the distance or maybe the B&W just makes it appear that way. Lovely photo

  2. A gorgeous B/W! The sun peeping through……
    The shadows……
    The silhouette of the jogger.
    Thank you for the “Like” on my post.

  3. thirdhandart says:

    The black and white tone range is gorgeous! A perfect ‘Morning’ photo!

  4. This is a very nicely composed black and white photo. Your choosing to shoot the jogger at a distance makes me interpret it that the jogger has to motivate himself and has to rely on himself alone to finish his run. Very nice picture.

    • Thank you very much – I had been planning this shot for some time but had to wait for the right lighting conditions and (a shorter wait) for the jogger to come into the frame. It’s a shot I might try again without the foreground gates, maybe next spring when the light is right 😉

  5. amcnabb3 says:

    Great shot! The framing is perfect – the lighting, gates, and jogger all come together to make a great photo.

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