Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Numbers Worn Beneath Paint That’s Worn

50011 at Reading

The driver of 50011 enjoys the evening sun at Reading. The washing plants have worn away the BR blue paint to reveal the locomotive's previous identity of D411



  1. worn, yes, wonderful!

  2. Love this shot! Love this shot!

  3. thirdhandart says:

    Great photo!

  4. I like how the geometric patterns build up this picture! There is no way of missing “411”!

    • Thanks ramoncito17 – I think when I took it I was looking at the contrast of the resting driver against the shear size of the machine he is in charge of and he was the ‘driving force’ behind the photo. I see now – following your comment – that the numbers do form a locus at the centre of the ‘action’ around the photo. Thanks for your thoughts – gave me pause to reflect 🙂

  5. Trains have a certain mystique about them… and I love the warn look of this one too. So much more interesting than if it were brand new (all the history there)… too cool! Awesome photo, sir! 🙂

    • Thanks – that’s very kind. I always like to see locomotives showing that they have a hard working life. I think it shows the effort behind the efficiency that the public expects from their transport network. It also makes them more photogenic. Diesels and Electrics don’t have all the obvious charms of steam engines until they are grimy and seen for the workhorses that they are.

  6. For me, it’s the human pleasure at the center of the stern geometry —

    • The driver in the middle of the machinery and the buildings relaxing in the last rays of the sun before he has to drive the next stage of the journey? It’s what caught my eye all those years ago…

  7. Yeah. Exactly.

  8. beautiful image

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