I seem to have caught up with my holiday photos. I guess some of you will be wondering just why it has taken so long?   After all – a couple of hundred digital images – just stick the ones you like on Flickr and that’s it!   Only, it isn’t.  Last summer’s holiday in France was straight forward like that – a bit of tweaking and cropping, upload and all done inside a week.   This spring however, we went to Scotland.  Some 5 years ago I signed up to a project called Geograph and I’ve been uploading shots in the UK to there ever since.   So – a holiday in Scotland means uploading a lot of photos to different map squares, accurately locating them and putting in a title and description.   That is what takes the time.   If the Geograph project wasn’t worth the effort I’d probably have given up by now but I think it is a valuable resource for schools and historians, so I keep on uploading.   If you haven’t seen the site, go to Geograph and take a look – you too might get hooked 🙂 For those of you in Eire and Deutschland there are other Geograph sites for your countries and I believe that Geograph France is just getting underway – which probably means I’ll have to go and upload my shots from last summer’s holiday 😉



  1. Really cool idea! I checked out Geograph, and I just might get hooked! Wish we had that when I was still teaching. Thanks for the info……and best wishes as you continue to upload, locate, title and describe your hundreds of shots! Much appreciated.

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