Where & Why

Again, it’s time to apologise to you all for my absense.   Too many things and too little time is the excuse – perhaps a more efficient use of my time would be a good thing!   I had a great holiday in Scotland in the first week of May.  It’s a beautiful country of which – so far – I’ve only shown you the red tail light of a train on the Strathspey Railway!   Not the sort of thing that sells package tours 😉   I really shouldn’t take so many photos though – that’s what’s been holding my time.

I  also haven’t brought you upto date with the end of season happenings at Wingate & Finchley – the Fans know what happened and probably don’t need my views (though I will be expressing them, especially as the new season is still a while away).   Nor have I responded to Panic Monster’s kind ‘Most versatile Blogger Award’ – another thing to do!   Can I borrow the Tardis please Doctor – preferably without any Klingons (oops, wrong series) 🙂

So, Scotland – I think I’ll start there as it was a great holiday and the end of the W & F season end came later.   I’ll sort out some photos and get back to you all very soon.   Thank’s to all my readers for your patience.



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