My Other Wife and Traditional Matters

The Easter weekend is traditionally one for critical end of season football matches and for family meetings that would be inconvenient in the summer holidays. For those with football / family commitments there is always a clash.

On Easter Saturday Wingate and Finchley were due to face Heybridge Swifts – a difficult game at a ground located on the scenic Blackwater Estuary. I’d have loved to have attended the game and taken photos of the local area but… I had to see my other wife.

Now – this may come as a shock to you, my readers, but I do have two wives and thankfully that doesn’t mean double the ear-ache! You see, I have Wife number one whom I married some years ago now. At the time we took the decision that, after the UK Christian wedding in the Church of England, we would visit my wife’s relations in Zimbabwe and take the traditional wedding. The upshot of this is that, having paid a sum of lobula for my bride as required by Shona tradition and agreed in the presence of the female head of the family, I was given a nominated ‘spare’ in case of illness – ie Wife number 2. She being, my son’s Auntie ‘P’ (my wife’s cousin) who is a beautifully statuesque lady with a penchant for wearing the sort of dresses that have to be vacuumed on 😉 I should add that whilst I’m not allowed to touch… I am allowed to dribble 😉

Facts and Jokes aside – Auntie P is a great friend and we all have a good laugh together. But she’s definitely not a wife in the legal / bigamy sense. Anyway, it was the need to visit my other wife and her daughter as a family that prevented a trip to Heybridge. I missed a 2-2 draw but the Bank Holiday match was the one that would really matter – I’ll cover that in a separate post.



  1. hey.. hope all is good.. you’ve been quiet for a bit..
    miss your posts

    • Hi PM,

      Thank you, everything is good – just been having a week away with my wife and son during which all electronic behaviour was kept under control 🙂

  2. Ok, thankgoodness, you had me worried!
    I have nominated you for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. Yay!!

    Thank you for you amazing blog and your helpful comments at my blog.

    Follow the instructions from my post if You would like to accept the award.

    xo Panicmonster

    • I’m rather embarassed now – wheres the blushing emoticon?

      Guesss I’d better get my next blog up in short order to show that there’s life in the old dog yet!

      I will take a look soon – once I’ve finally got on top of all the photos I took on holiday. I’ll probably put some of the nicer ones up here.

      Thanks very much for the nomination 🙂

  3. yes i love it martin, now i am filled with anticipation to see these wives … of course that may not happen, but they do sound absolutely wonderful 😀

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