Weekly Photo Challenge: One

One – The number worn by Wingate & Finchley’s goalkeeper, Gavin King

Gavin King - Safe Hands

Gavin King - Safe Hands

Gavin King - Fingertip Save

Gavin King - Fingertip Save



  1. great shots, love the expression on the Fallen Player, and 1-finger save!! WHOOT! Hi-1 to you! 😀

    • Thanks Stella – Danny does look worried doesn’t he! As for the 1-finger save, that’s lucky timing – it’s very rare to catch the actual moment of contact 🙂

  2. Lovely expression! Great hands (i mean your shots). Just sharing ONE big smile:

  3. Such a good idea – my son is a goalie, too, but I don’t have nice shots like these – I have to do that! 🙂

    • Hi Uta, I hope your Son is enjoying his keeping 🙂

      I’m afraid that to get photos like these you need an expensive camera and long lens. A compact won’t do it. Oh! and you also need a big measure of luck 😉

  4. niiiice!!!! his jersey says it all.!!! great pic 2e0mca!!!

    • Thank you PM – Gavin’s number 1 with the fans too. He always has time to talk to people after the game and encourages the kids especially.

  5. Ecellent action shots. The bloke on the ground in the 1st shot has such a great facial expression.

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