Religion Is… Round The Bend

Let me start by saying that this is a review of a book that I read back in the 1970’s.  I even forgot who the author was, but never the picture of the key actors in this play.   Then – having got a Kindle at Christmas.. I read it again!    Few books read in my  teenage years carried their significance for so long in my conciousness.

Round The Bend by Nevil Shute is a tale that is not a simple adventure story with a clear ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ at the end.   Seen through the eyes of Tom Cutter the story moves from the basics of two young men’s lives to the point where everything is outside their control and the future of significant parts of the Asian world could hang on their actions.   Everythimg is and has to be handled at the pace dictated by the beliefs of the existing religious regimes – who have, ironically, been expecting this turn of events – and the need to not provide offence to people while keeping up with the pace of the modern world.   This is a super tale with so much human feeling in its characters.    Be prepared to feel that you should have been there at the end… It’s that sort of book 🙂


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