Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k: A Walk Around Finchley

Read the challenge, but where to walk? I have a number of walks planned for various places but, due to the constraints of family commitments on the 10th April, this one became a walk in the local area. It was a glorious warm spring day in North London. In fact the weekend was a great start to the Easter Holidays. Wingate & Finchley won their Football match against Cheshunt on Saturday and I drank way too much beer – so the walk was needed 😉    Anyway – here is my route…

My Route Around Finchley - 5.75 Miles

My Route Around Finchley - 5.75 Miles

Here I am in Victoria Park… (if I look nervous it’s because my 9yo is holding my DSLR)

Victoria Park - roughly 3/4 distance - Photo by Alasdair

Victoria Park - roughly 3/4 distance - Photo by Alasdair

And here is the scene at the finish…

The Dick Turpin

The Dick Turpin - Sadly now closed with an uncertain future.

And an unexpected bonus along the way…

Ensignbus RCL2220 (CUV220C) in Finchley

Ensignbus RCL2220 (CUV220C) in Finchley

More photos from the walk are available on Flickr. 🙂



  1. Tony McGurk says:

    Hey someone stole the K from the Dic Turpin sign…

  2. I haven’t been in London since 1983 (!) but I have a distinct feeling that I did see Finchley. Stayed in Harrow most of the two weeks I spent in England, but also drove around a little.

    Hope I’ll get to go back once more in this life.

    • We’re not too far from Harrow Kattsby, so very possibly – It hasn’t changed a lot since the 1980’s, so most of the photos should look familiar.

  3. I think the sight of the Dic(K) Turpin would’ve pleased me too if that was at the end of my walk. What a shame it’s now closed. It looks like a nice pub. Was it?

    • Hi pienbiscuits – depends what you want from a pub. I didn’t tend to go in there as it was a choice of lager, lager, guiness (if you were lucky) and not a lot else – I prefer a good real ale. It was also infested with Arsenal supporters – though that was not a real issue from my point of view.

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