Japan, Tsunami’s and Tourists

Today I went on one of my ‘Coach hunts’ in central London, around Victoria and specifically Buckingham Palace Road.   A team of horses were pulling a carriage along the road and I set myself up to photograph it only to find massed ranks of Japanese tourists barging into my angle of view with no concern for anyone else around them… I wonder if any of them knew of the terrible events in their homeland? And if some of them will find they have no home when they return there 😦

I wish to extend my family’s sympathy to all who have lost family and friends in this natural disaster.



  1. okie.. what did you mean by ‘Coach Hunts’, Martin . was it a ususal stroll down the road?
    Japanese tourists must have heard abt it… that’s why they must be hurrying some whr.
    My sympathies for the bereaved families.
    Krazy Memoirs

    1. Hi Rajiv,

      I felt the best way to answer you query about the Coach Hunts was to write a blog 😉 https://2e0mca.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/coach-hunts/

      I dont think the news had broken in England at the time when the tourists mentioned in this blog were getting in the way of my photograph of passing horses. I certainly wasn’t aware of the disaster – only found out when I got home.

      The reason they were rushing about was to photograph Buckingham Palace – home of Queen Elizabeth II – as part of their London Tour with Clarkes Coaches. Each stop off is time limited so they have to hurry.

      Hope I’ve answered all your questions 🙂

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