A Bit of Excitement

A week ago my wife attended the Whittington hospital as she had broken a bone in her foot the previous evening when she missed her footing whilst boarding a 263 at East Finchley station – I always tell her she should walk!  Since then she has been on crutches with a cast and I have been giving her a lift to the bus station in North Finchley each morning and collecting her from Finchley Central in the evenings.   In general this has worked well.

Yesterday it all went a bit pear shaped in the evening though.   The first hint of problems to come was the wailing of sirens as I walked up to the school to collect our son.   There were Police cars whizzing about all over Finchley.   Hurrying back home – I have more work to do before I finish for the day – we saw PCSO’s hurrying onto the local estate which has a bit of a well-earned reputation for varying levels of criminal behaviour ranging from burglary and car theft to drug related murder.   One of my neighbours had his car stolen from outside his house around 5 years ago.  The police weren’t very interested and advised him to have a look around the area.   When I spoke to him later, he hadn’t found it.  I said “Have you tried over the estate – I bet it’s there”.  Sure enough, that’s where he found it!

A bit of Excitement

A bit of Excitement

Anyway, the sirens were continuing to scream but there was no sign of a ‘Bear-in-the-Air’, so I thought no more about it as I got on with completing my days work.   My wife usually calls me at around 17:15 to let me know where she is so that I can get mobile and be parked up in a suitable location to collect her.   When she hadn’t called by 17:45 I was getting worried – perhaps her phone had failed and she was waiting at the usual pick-up point?   So leaving the lad in charge of the home phone I headed off to our usual meeting point.   No sign of her, but police cars going back and forth with their blues & twos along ballards Lane.

At around 18:00 she called me from Golders Green – “What’s going on?  They’re turning buses round.   We’ve just been turfed off the 82!”    All I could say was that there was a lot of police activity in Finchley.   Then, with another 82 turning up that was going through to North Finchley, she was back on the bus.

Estimating that she would take around 20mins to get to Finchley, I abandoned the car to get some naan bread for the evening meal.  As I walked along Ballards Lane I was passed by yet another police vehicle with blues & twos – a van similar to the one on the right.  Then, incongruously, a group of 4 police officers ambling along the pavement with coffees in their hands.   I guess their day’s duty was done.

Anyway, by the time she arrived the rumour mill was in full flow.  It seems that a gang had tried to turn over a bank in Golders Green.  Roads in the area had been closed as a result and several bus routes diverted.   Given the huge amount of police activity in the Finchley area, the assumption has to be that the intending robbers made their escape in that direction and had gone to ground nearby – on the estate I wonder?   I await the weekly local paper with interest 🙂


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