Talking in The Aisles

Tuesday’s game being off – waterlogged pitch as usual 😦 , I can’t report on a Wingate & Finchley effort to snatch victory in the dying seconds.   What I can report is a chat with a W & F fan whom I meet often in Tesco’s on Saturday morning.   This gentleman, who regularly makes the journey to Summers Lane, confided in me that he wished he’d placed a bet…   To put this in context I should add that he was off to watch Barnet FC against Lincoln City FC this afternoon and was expecting the outcome to be unfavourable for Barnet.   So what was his prediction? – Barnet to go down and the three ‘W’s to go down from the premier league.   I wonder what the odds would have been for that prediction at the start of the season?   I suspect that the bookies, related as they are to the many species of seagull that patrol our coasts robbing anybody who’s silly enough to hold their sandwich more than half a centimetre from their body, already had the three W’s covered.   But combining that with a Barnet demotion would probably have been a nice little earner.   Monies on the table for next season?, now’s a good time!

Whatever else may happen, it seems that we both gambled correctly by not heading over to Thamesmead today…   The match was called off 😦   But the Barnet bet may not be in the bag yet – they won 4 – 2 🙂


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