I’m Dreading Tonight…

On Saturday Wingate & Finchley faced Ware FC at home.   At the end of the game, one of the longer suffering supporters as he passed on his way out of the ground said to me – ‘I think that’s the worst I’ve ever seen them play’.   He had a point, although I think the thrashing by Northwood in Christmas 2009 must have pushed it close.   In truth, although we lost 0-2 the result could easily have been 2-2 as we twice hit the post and also the crossbar.   But when you are playing poorly the luck often deserts you as well.

Cornflower in a Field of Rape

Cornflower in a Field of Rape - Gary tries to make progress into the box.

The main issues from this supporter’s viewpoint of the match were passes continually going astray, less determination to win the ball than the opposition and, bizarrely, forwards making forays into the opposition box on their own with no one to support them.   Time and again no one was running off the player with the ball to give them an outlet or to at least distract the defence.   The result was that any player reaching the box was left surrounded by a sea of Ware yellow and looking like a Cornflower in a field of Rape!

This is not to say that the players didn’t work hard, just that their efforts lacked coordination.   Solo attempts on goal by Lairdy and Mark were saved by the woodwork rather than the keeper – we checked his kit bag on the way out in case he had the posts secreted in there 😉   At times it seemed that some sort of fresh instruction and encouragement from the bench was needed but none of the fans I spoke to could remember hearing any.

Ware’s first goal was a header into the top right corner from a set piece – the ever professional Gavin will probably feel he could have done better, but it was a very well placed header.

The second half was more of the same with Ware scoring their second with a well struck shot just as I was moving from photographing our defence to the opposite end of the field – All photographers know that good images happen when you aren’t in a position to photograph them 😦

Chasey Challenges!

Chasey Challenges!

Substitutions followed and W & F saw more of the action for the last 30 minutes or so with Lewis striking the crossbar with a shot-cum-cross that fooled the Ware keeper but not the woodwork.  A special mention for Chasey who in his efforts to win the ball put in some excellent ballet moves 😉   And also for the referee who possibly should have been officiating in the rugby ground next door as he seemed to think that outfield players catching the ball or palming it off while it’s in play is part of the sport of football!

So why am I dreading tonight?  Cos tonight we’re at home to Thamesmead Town and I just hope we don’t have a repeat – lack of – performance!

All thoughts expressed are my own and do not represent the views of Wingate & Finchley FC.


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