I’m not the first and I won’t be the last…

…football fan to turn up to a match that has been abandoned.   It’s not too bad if you live reasonably locally, which is often the case if you follow a Ryman League team.   The reason for the decision was that the pitch was waterlogged.  Not sure where all that water came from – it really tipped down on Friday but Harrow Borough’s ground was ok for the match on Saturday where they hammered Hendon 6-1.   It rained in Finchley on Monday night but certainly not like on Friday so either Harrow experienced a deluge of biblical ark proportions or the wetness that the referee felt on his boots was him peeing himself at the idea of extra time and penalties in North London on a Tuesday night 😉   Either way, here I was with no floodlights and no match.

Fortunately – I love taking photographs as a hobby and, as I take photos of our team in action, I had the camera with me ready to go.

DM41448 at South Harrow Station

DM41448 at South Harrow Station

A walk though South Harrow provides a number of photographic opportunities.   Shaftesbury Circle is interesting in the early evening with people popping in and out of Tesco Express.   South Harrow provides the traffic around the Half Moon public house at the end of Northolt Road and the shops selling fruit and veg to the south of the Piccadilly line.    Then there is the station and its associated bus terminus – many fascinating things for the photographer interested in night photography.   I love my football but I’m sometimes so glad that it isn’t my only interest 🙂


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