Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A dilemma I have for every away game.   The decision is usually swayed by ease of access to the ground using public transport.   Today Wingate & Finchley are away to Romford FC which, in reality, means a trip to Aveley’s ground near Thurrock as they are currently ground sharing.   I could drive there but my better half might need the car this afternoon.   If Romford FC were playing in Romford itself I’d be able to use the train from Liverpool Street.   Reading in the ever-useful Wikipedia I see that they were given the go ahead in 2009 to build a new stadium on London Road – I wonder if the change of government has put the mockers on that one?    In fact there seems to be no further mention of it since November 2009, so perhaps it had already stalled at the formal land handover stage.   It would be nice to know that the club will eventually get somewhere to call home.

Anyway, a quick look at the Romford FC website reveals that there is going to be a pitch inspection at 10am.  I wonder if they had as much rain yesterday as we had here in Finchley.  If so, the Thames is likely to have swallowed Thurrock and the surrounding area – sea legs being a requirement at the best of times in the low lying parts of Essex.    I shall await the result with bated breath as the game being called off is as good an excuse as any for not going 😉

ps – 10:30 and I see the game is on – Come on you Blues!   (Sorry I won’t be there to watch)

pps – 13:00 – back from the shopping and I see the game has now been called off!   The sky did look rather black to the east – it seems the original post on the Romford FC site was a bit premature.   The joys of non-league footie in the deep and soggy mid-winter 😦


All thoughts expressed are my own and do not represent the views of Wingate & Finchley FC.


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